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Illustrator, filmmaker, comics creator; generally a lover! I make comics like The Terrible Death of Finnegan Strappe, Cuir'ro: Choose the Adventure, Transdimensional Lere, and am a contributor to Spera volume 1.

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Thought I would post some comic peeks from this past weekend. Full steam ahead! I have to tell you, 80 pages into this story and I am JAZZED that Finnegan Strappe gets a wardrobe change. It’s even a throwback to his earliest designs from -back in the day-. 

Also, my cat, the great Tuna Newn, has started sleeping on my pillow exclusively and this is the face I wake up to every morning. Best little helper! My 17 year old feline daughter. 

I wasn’t going to reblog this, but it got a couple reblogs yesterday so why not! It’s old and Lere and Valentine’s! Enjoy the marker nudity!

You can also look at it in a more relaxed manner (scrolling ooooohhhhhh) on MY SITE

Happy Valentine’s Day, cuties of my dreams!

My Hourlies from last weekend! It’s been a busy time, but I’m glad I finally got a chance to post this. Ignore how bad these scans are please, I might double back over the weekend and fix them. Scanners make me saddest of all.

I was in a show and it was fun.

I had a nice sojourn from work with friends last night. We played Call of Cthulhu, and I drew some cuties. LERE VALENTINE’S theme all the way.

I wonder which lover is trying to woo him now! Oh GOSH!

A New Years Eve drawing I started but the colors will have to come tomorrow! Time to party! Have a most wonderful night! Summon some demons and erase all of the terrible things you did in 2013! #drawing #art #WIP #finneganstrappe #comics #newyearseve

Mistletoe Kisses are not limited to the lips. Foreheads, cheeks, and navel regions are also good.

I tried to do this during my lunch break today, but I ended up adding things. Yep. Science Fiction RomCom Lere Adventure comics in the future. MM-HMM. That’s all I want after deadlines are deadlined.

The Smiling Necromancer. At least he’s probably pleasant to be around when he raises your corpse from the grave to do his bidding.

Taking a break from deadlines to color this up. Photoshop therapy, mmm-hmm. 


Rubies, the featured 18-page “short” illustrated by Jordyn F. Bochon from Spera: Vol. 1, is now online

I drew this a while ago, almost two years ago I think, for Spera volume one! It’s neat looking at it now and thinking about what I’m still happy with and what I would do differently.

I’m happy I’ve improved but still proud to have done this comic. Volume one was nominated for a Shuster and an Eisner! Good work Josh and good work team! U3U

When do we get to see Lere comix?~
jordynb jordynb Said:

Very soon, actually! AHHHHHHH!


What a villain! 

Hey! I was breaking my website (oppssss) tonight and putting up a temporary page for The Terrible Death of Finnegan Strappe (it’s coming back to the internets NOVEMBER 1st!!!) and thought, let’s put up this old comic on tumblr. Here you goooooo.