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Illustrator, filmmaker, comics creator; generally a lover! I make comics like The Terrible Death of Finnegan Strappe, Cuir'ro: Choose the Adventure, Transdimensional Lere, and am a contributor to Spera volume 1.

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I like the new Cameron/Tarr design OUO

Lis in markers, from Bryan Lee O’Malley’s book Seconds. I enjoyed the book quite a bit, & Lis was for sure my favorite character. CUTE. 

I was going to scan this, but I actually really like having the markers in there for some reason.

TCAF was amazing! I just got home from Toronto last night (my plane got struck by lightning and I won’t stop going on about it for a few days because it was ultra terrifying) and maybe when I get some rest I will make a post about the event itself. My mom flew in to Toronto right after so we could hang out a bit -AND- I bought a wedding dress! How PRODUCTIVE was this trip, huh?

Claw of the Earth part three came out and so far I’ve been hearing some nice things from people people who bought it! EEEEEEE! I kinda can’t believe I’ve finally finished this story. Onward to the huge amount of shipping I have to get done O_O

Anyway, here are some progress images I posted last month on instagram and the color legends for Finn and Shan’s new outfits!

Thought I would post some comic peeks from this past weekend. Full steam ahead! I have to tell you, 80 pages into this story and I am JAZZED that Finnegan Strappe gets a wardrobe change. It’s even a throwback to his earliest designs from -back in the day-. 

Also, my cat, the great Tuna Newn, has started sleeping on my pillow exclusively and this is the face I wake up to every morning. Best little helper! My 17 year old feline daughter. 

I wasn’t going to reblog this, but it got a couple reblogs yesterday so why not! It’s old and Lere and Valentine’s! Enjoy the marker nudity!

You can also look at it in a more relaxed manner (scrolling ooooohhhhhh) on MY SITE

Happy Valentine’s Day, cuties of my dreams!

My Hourlies from last weekend! It’s been a busy time, but I’m glad I finally got a chance to post this. Ignore how bad these scans are please, I might double back over the weekend and fix them. Scanners make me saddest of all.

I was in a show and it was fun.

I had a nice sojourn from work with friends last night. We played Call of Cthulhu, and I drew some cuties. LERE VALENTINE’S theme all the way.

I wonder which lover is trying to woo him now! Oh GOSH!

A New Years Eve drawing I started but the colors will have to come tomorrow! Time to party! Have a most wonderful night! Summon some demons and erase all of the terrible things you did in 2013! #drawing #art #WIP #finneganstrappe #comics #newyearseve

Mistletoe Kisses are not limited to the lips. Foreheads, cheeks, and navel regions are also good.

I tried to do this during my lunch break today, but I ended up adding things. Yep. Science Fiction RomCom Lere Adventure comics in the future. MM-HMM. That’s all I want after deadlines are deadlined.

The Smiling Necromancer. At least he’s probably pleasant to be around when he raises your corpse from the grave to do his bidding.

Taking a break from deadlines to color this up. Photoshop therapy, mmm-hmm.