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Illustrator, filmmaker, comics creator; generally a lover! I make comics like The Terrible Death of Finnegan Strappe, Cuir'ro: Choose the Adventure, Transdimensional Lere, and am a contributor to Spera volume 1.

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A trailer I just finished for Camerata Xara’s upcoming show “WAIL”. It is a narrative choral piece which I am very proud to be part of. If you’re in HRM you should come! I have not been doing so much motion graphic stuff recently, so it was a nice break from my drawing table.

Here’s the info:

Camerata Xara Young Women’s Choir presents:
WAIL: Songs of the Brier Island Siren
May 11th & 12th, 8:00pm
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax

Amidst the throes of the Fundy tide wanders the mythical Atlantic Siren, part woman, part bird. Her lonely song has lured generations of sailors to wreck their ships on Brier Island’s shores. This full-length piece of choral theatre imagines the life of this sad, beautiful creature and the relationship between Siren and sailor.