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Illustrator, filmmaker, comics creator; generally a lover! I make comics like The Terrible Death of Finnegan Strappe, Cuir'ro: Choose the Adventure, Transdimensional Lere, and am a contributor to Spera volume 1.

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Summer breezes make your clothes smell fresh, but be aware of those who watch you strip down on the roof of your inner-city-hide-out. 

Jane and Lere and Lil’ Chester. I’m SO jealous of your waffles and custard, Lil’ Chester.

I was talking to co-workers about number stations this morning. For whatever reason, my brain would like them to be creepier than just being spy radio stations.

Obviously, I’m talking about number stations being GHOST STATIONS. Or-or ALIEN STATIONS. OR GHOST ALIEN STATIONS

Anyway… here’s an old Lere drawing where he’s probably listening to a GOVERNMENT GHOST ALIEN Number Station. YES. I used to draw noses like that. Back then.



In under two weeks at San Diego Comic Con, the 2013 Eisner Awards will be announced. And while I can’t say if this is the first time it’s happened, there is at least one woman nominated in most categories. The exceptions are for the most part based in the distant past of gender disparity in comics (Best Archival Collection/Project - Strips and Comic Books), a dearth of translated European material (Best U.S. Edition of International Material)

By far, women dominate the Early Readers award, which is very enheartening with regards to acclimating the youngest generation to the ubiquity of women in comics

There are still some strange oversights: no nominations for Fiona Staples as an artist, for Amanda Conner at all, and only one female colorist nominated when Jordie Bellaire, Bettie Breitweiser, Rachelle Rosenberg, Laura Martin, and Laura Allred have all worked regularly.

Still, it’s an impressive show of recognition for women in comics, and hopefully the sign of a regular upward trend. And I’m personally excited to see that Shelli Paroline, my fellow Boston Comics Roundtable member, nominated multiple times for her work on Adventure Time!

The full list of female nominees are under the cut.

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As a quick correction, the female artists on Spera: Vol. 1 are Kyla Vanderklugt, Hwei, Emily Carroll, Jordyn F. Bochon, Cécile Brun and Leela Wagner. Vol. 2 has Kyla, Baru, Julia, Anna, Polly and Kris Mukai.

It’s pretty exciting to be on a list like this with Emily, Kyla, Cécile, Hwei, and Leela!

Comics are changing! It’s an exciting art form to be involved in. I do think it’s evolving for the better and slowly becoming more inclusive and diverse. Which is wonderful and inspiring.

The last page of Cuir’ro comes out in The Coast today! I say “last”, but I’m currently catching up on the alternate choices for the book! And of course, since it was a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, this is one outcome of several….

Thanks for taking part, voting, re-blogging, liking- it all helped! I’m going to do a proper “wrap-up” post about it soon, with the outcome of the draw and some figures, so stay tuned!


Gredda Lionsmane. I imagine she spends her downtime punching Bugbears in the woods. Very powerful lady U3U

Happy I finally got a chance to color this! 

This week’s Cuir’ro! You know the drill!

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Aleister Firth will eat your heart & cuddle your empty shell. He dislikes wearing pants and enjoys foiling hopes and dreams. Don’t tell Finnegan Strappe that he sometimes lives under his floorboards!! 

If you want to see the line art for this, I posted a snip of it here.

Tim and I collaborated on this John Difool (from Jean Giraud/Moebius’s The Incal) for our dear friend Hélène . It’s her birthday tomorrow, but we went on a tiny road trip today in honour of it today. 

Tim did the pencils and I did the colours and the inks. I might sneak into her house sometime to make the background a little more interesting. I ran out of time! I like inking someone else’s work, it comes out in an interesting blend of style.

Anyway. Happy birthday, Girl!

This week’s Cuir’ro! 

VOTE: Answer here, send me a tweet, or email cuirro at!!!

Every vote is an entry into a raffle for stuff at the end of the story! Thank you so much to everyone who has participated so far. Obviously, Cuir’ro wouldn’t happen without you!

Some more line art/WIP from recent things. 

The top one is Aleister Firth from my Finnegan Strappe comics, I hope I can find a moment to color that one! The second is a something I’ve colored up HERE, and then some Cuir’ro panel close-ups that I like. 

It’s nice to post line-arts. You miss a lot of the finer details when you add color. There’s a lot of older drawing in my sketchbook I want to polish up. Hmmmm hmm hmm.